Headspace Charity Squash Extravaganza

Sydney is gearing up for one of its biggest squash events of the year this weekend in Australia with 7 of the world’s best players coming together in support of headspace, the national youth mental health foundation. For more information about the event, please check out this article written by  The Roar! Previously, Jake has been […]

Squash Match Statistics

As a local knock about squash player, although I do enjoy playing, you’re always told to be aiming for the four corners of the court as it’s the hardest place for the opponent to retrieve the ball. I wanted to put that to the test and see where the pro players tend to hit the […]

Why Alexis Sanchez is the most important forward in the EPL

Almost every Arsenal fan’s favourite player now is Alexis Sanchez. He’s good! Actually very good but everyone knows that. There was a piece recently saying Alexis has won Arsenal 30% of the clubs points on his own this season. In this piece, I’ll demonstrate why he’s so much more than just a goal scorer and how he probably is […]