My Football Memorabilia

In the below pics, it is some of my pieces of memorabilia which I own. It is great to be able to have acquired what I have in terms of the memorabilia, and it would be great if you could comment saying what you have got as your special pieces of memorabilia, even better if […]

Arsenal’s Best Line-Up

As more and more players are linked to Arsenal, I thought I’d have a look at what I believe is Arsenal’s best line up, when all players are fit. For the line-up below, I’ve put the team in a 4-3-3 formation, with the wingers up high, rather than a 4-2-3-1 with Cazorla in line with the […]

The A-League is taking Australia by storm

As has been well documented in the media in the past one to two months, the A-League is really starting to kick on, and is gaining more media reputation every day. The papers are leading with football stories, instead of cricket, NRL and AFL stories. The crowd averages are well up year on year, which […]

Norwich (1) vs Arsenal (0) – Player Ratings

This display was very frustrating and one that lacked any real creativity from Arsenal, with many of the team’s usual stand out players having below par games. This was a match that Arsenal needed to win, to keep track of the top 4 positions and Chelsea, 10 points ahead of Arsenal, in first. Arsenal,now, have […]

How do Arsenal’s midfielders rate against their opponents?

Arsenal’s midfield have started very well this season, and have assisted the team have the majority of possession in each game we’ve played. This piece will be a stats analysis of how the Arsenal midfield compare in numerous sections/factors, compared to their EPL counterparts and also their European counterparts in some instances. For ease, the […]