Santi Cazorla vs Juan Mata: Statistical Comparison

As is well known, Santi Cazorla and Juan Mata are among the best players in the English Premier League competition. They are both Spanish internationals and play for two of the biggest clubs in England, Arsenal and Chelsea respectively. As they are both so heavily involved in their team’s, this statistical comparison of their EPL seasons so far will show who has started better this season, according to the statistics listed below.

Cazorla has played in 13 matches this season in the Premier League (1161 mins) with Juan Mata having played in 11 matches with 10 starts and 1 substitute appearance (868 mins). So the comparisons are fair, each stat will be broken into either, per minute or per match. This statistical comparison will just focus on attacking and passing stats, as these are the key areas for both.

Attacking Play

Both players have been able to contribute to their team with 4 goals in Premier League matches so far this year, which is a good outlay for both midfielders. This equates to Cazorla scoring 1 goal/290.25 mins. As for Mata, he has scored 1 goal/217 mins. MATA 1-0

Juan Mata leads the way, over Cazorla, in terms of assists. He has been able to complete 6 assists, with Cazorla having assisted 3 Arsenal goals. This means that Juan Mata has been able to complete an assist every 144.66 mins, with Cazorla completing an assist every 387 minutes. MATA 2-0

Whilst Mata leads the assists, an equally important statistic is key passes. This means the amount of passes that create a goalscoring chance. Cazorla has averaged 3 key passes per match so far this season, with Mata averaging 2.5 key passes per match. The reason for the discrepancy between the key passes and assists stats has to come down to the players around both Cazorla and Mata. CAZORLA 1-2

One thing that defenders hate the most (other than conceding a goal) is being dribbled at by fast, skilful players and being forced to make a decision in defence. So the amount that a player dribbled is often correlated with how often they are fouled, which is shown with Cazorla and Mata. Cazorla attempts 2.2 dribbles/match and is fouled an incredible 1.8 times/match. On the other hand, Mata achieves an average of 0.5 dribbles/match and is fouled 0.7 times/match on average. CAZORLA 3-2

The amount that both Santi Cazorla and Juan Mata are dispossessed each match are quite similar. The stats show that Cazorla is dispossessed 2.2 times/match, with Mata being dispossessed 2.5 times/match. This is expected to be higher for attacking players and is shown by 19/20 players in this category, in Europe’s top 5 leagues, being attacking players. CAZORLA 4-2


Both players are very important parts of their team, and passing is a key aspect of this. Santi Cazorla has been heavily involved in Arsenal’s attacks, as has Juan Mata for Chelsea. Cazorla has averaged 70.6 passes/match, with Mata averaging 55.3 passes/match. This places both in the top 20 for passes played per match, and shows how much both players are involved for their respective teams. CAZORLA 5-2

Whilst it is very important for an attacking midfielder to play a high number of passes, it is just as important to view the pass completion rate. Both players have some of the best completion rates for passes in the Premier League, with Cazorla completing 89% and Mata 88.3%. These are incredible stats for attacking players as they attempt more difficult passes, due to the attempt to play through balls, which defenders don’t often attempt. CAZORLA 6-2

As both players are attacking midfielders, it is their job to keep the ball in possession for their team. Both players don’t lose the ball very often as this is shown by their respective statistics. Cazorla has lost the ball in possession 12 times, Mata has lost the ball 14 times. This means that Cazorla loses the ball on average every 97 mins and Mata loses the ball every 62 mins. CAZORLA 7-2


Almost all the stats lead to the presumption that Cazorla has started the season the better of the two. This isn’t greatly surprising as Cazorla’s name has been thrown around by many as the ‘Player of the Season’ so far. However, the statistics aren’t able to take a lot into account and this can seen by watching the two players, and their teams.


The stats are from Who Scored


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    • You’re correct. The reason that is because I did fouls per match and dribble per match in 1 paragraph. It could/should have been done in 2 as they are different stats.

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