Fans View: Arsenal’s First Half of 2013/14 and Who Arsenal Should Sign in January

With the end of the first half of the EPL season upon us, with Arsenal’s visit to Newcastle being their 19th league match, the club are in a good position with their current position on the ladder and the club getting through to the knockout stages of the Champions League. With this, a survey of 100 […]

Full Results of 2013/14 Arsenal Survey

1. Who has been Arsenal’s best player in 2013/14 so far? 1. Aaron Ramsey- 52% 2. Per Mertesacker- 26% 3. Laurent Koscielny- 12% 4. Wojciech Szczesny- 4% 5. Someone else- 3% 6. Mesut Ozil, Bacary Sagna, Olivier Giroud- 1% 2. Who’s going to be our most important player in the second half of the season? […]

Full Results of Arsenal Survey

Who was Arsenal’s best player in 2012/13? Santi Cazorla- 73% Mikel Arteta- 13% Laurent Koscielny- 7% Theo Walcott and Per Mertesacker- 3% Jack Wilshere- 1% Who is going to be our most important player in 2013/14? Jack Wilshere- 44% Santi Cazorla- 15% Laurent Koscielny- 13% Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta- 4% Gonzalo Higuain, Cesc Fabregas, […]

Fans View: Who Arsenal Should Sign & Who’ll Be Arsenal’s Most Important Player in 2013/14

With the 2013/14 season only a few weeks away from starting, it was time to look at where our positives lay in the 2012/13 season and where we must look to improve in the upcoming season. As many of you may have seen, I conducted a survey with a number of questions being asked, regarding a […]

Mikel Arteta: Better Suited as a Deep-Lying Playmaker or Shielding Midfielder?

A lot of Arsenal fans don’t quite know whether Mikel Arteta is better suited as the tackling and distributing midfielder, which he played in the 2012/13 season, or whether he is better suited as a deep lying playmaker. Throughout this piece, I hope to address some statistics which may best answer this question in which […]

Arsenal Must Look at Strengthening in All Positions

With the recent signing of Yaya Sonogo, and the discussion about Gonzalo Higuain and Wayne Rooney, it’s pretty easy to see where Arsene Wenger views needed improvements- in the striker/central forward role. It’s positive to see that Arsenal are strengthening their forward line- a position which Arsenal struggled with at different stages last season. However, […]